Judean Desert Jeeping

Ask a visitor to Israel what was the most fun thing they did while in Israel and most likely they will tell you jeeping Judean Desert. The ride is pure thrills with historic context. You will drive on incredible terrain and stop to lookout on magnificent vistas.

We look forward to taking you on an unforgettable tour!

Benzi has been the most popular jeep driver in Midbar Yehuda as long as anyone can remember. Benzi still drives like a teenager but is as wise as an old sage... and he still loves every ride he takes!

Our Jeeps

Open Jeep - Everyones favorite jeep is our open 7 seater jeep. It has a passenger seat up front and 2 benches facing each other in the back. Perfect for a fun ride!

Closed Jeep Our closed jeep is made for extreme weather and a fun ride through rain or scorching heat or simply for those who want to see the desert in a comfortable fashion. The jeep can hold up to 6 passengers.

Location and Pickup

We are located in Mitzpe Yericho about 25 minutes from Jerusalem along Highway 1 on the way down to Masada and the Dead Sea. Pickup is available for tours of 4 hours and more although not during peak seasons.


It does get dusty in the desert so dress accordingly although you won't get visibly dirty.

  1. 1 hour - 600 NIS
  2. 2 hours - 900 NIS
  3. 4 hours - 1300 NIS
  4. 8 hours - $600 USD
Other Activities

Ask us about full day tours (not by jeep) of the Judean desert including favorites like Masada, Ein Gedi, and the Dead Sea. We can also take you on off the beaten path adventures including;

  1. Bow and Arrow Adventure
  2. Sword Dueling Workshop
  3. Pita Baking lunch and camping skills

From young babies to elderly folks as long as you have a decent back!

Jeep Tour Pricing

Pricing for jeep tour is for a jeep and not per person. You can bring up to 7 people on your jeep tour. We do not combine groups so it is up to you to bring the as many as you want.

  1. 1 hour 600 NIS
  2. 2 hours 900 NIS
  3. 4 hours 1350 NIS
  4. 8 hours $640 USS
ATV Tours

If you want to drive yourself ATV tours are available. The terrain is similar but far less challenging. You will follow a guide.Prices vary depending on the vehicle and the length of the tour.

Contact Us
  1. US Tel. 516-690-6106
  2. email: tzvi@israelwithstyle.com
  3. websites: www.israeljeeptours.com or www.masada-deadsea.com
Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea Tour

This classic tour is on everyone's bucket list and usually the first tour for newcomers to Israel and rightfully so. most people have never see such spectacular landscape and the Dead Sea is on everyone's wish list from a young age!

Itinerary & Time Schedule

It is important to leave as early as possible. Just doing the basic big three fills almost a whole day, especially winter time when it gets dark before 5 PM. Also note that in any event both Ein Gedi and Masada have last entry at 4 PM in the winter and 5 PM in the summer.

If you'd like to add other activities such as Jeeping, ATV, Pita Making, Sword or Bow & Arrow you may have to cut out something from the itinerary unless you move really quick which is not always possible or desirable when on vacation.

Contact Us
  1. US Tel. 516-690-6106
  2. email: tzvi@israelwithstyle.com
  3. website: www.masada-deadsea.com
We look forward to taking you on an unforgettable tour!
what you will see

Accorded heroic status in Israeli folklore. You will hear the story of the Sicari rebels in the times of the destruction of the Second Bais HaMikdash but more importantly you will hear about King Herod and see the wonders he built on this desert mountaintop. We will visit his 3 tiered palace on a cliff, bathhouse, storehouses, Shul, and water system among other. Note that in the summer tour will be abridged due to heat.

getting to the top!

You can either climb Masada or take the cable car up. Both ways are very exciting. The climb should take around 40 minutes even for kids. Note that in the summer climbing up is not allowed on most days after 10 AM due to heat.

entrance fee
  1. entrance without cable car - 14/28 NIS child/adult
  2. entrance + round trip cable car - 42/74 NIS child/adult

Float on the Dead Sea in the salty water. Read a newspaper for the classic pose or just relax enjoying the feeling. We will share with you some really interesting facts along the way.

what you will see

In Ein Gedi you will hike a beautiful desert oasis with lush greenery and have a blast cooling off under waterfalls. You may see rock hyraxes and mountain goats mingling among the tourists. You will here stories of Avraham, Dovid and Shaul, Bar Kochba and more.

entrance fee
  1. entrance - 14/28 NIS child/adult
location options

The separate swimming beach is located 15 minutes further south after Ein Gedi and Masada by the hotel area. Entrance is free however you won't find any Dead Sea mud there. Another option is the Ein Gedi Spa with has an entrance fee of around 60 NIS pp. A third option is the spa at one of the Dead Sea hotels.

Off the Beaten Path in Judean Desert

For those who have already been to Masada and Ein Gedi and are looking for exciting adventures, you've come to the right place. We will take you on action adventures and fascinating historic sites that only those in the know, "know."

pricing for activities that can be done individually without a tour are listed. For tthose taking a full day tours price will be included.

Contact Us
  1. US Tel. 516-690-6106
  2. email: tzvi@israelwithstyle.com
  3. website: www.masada-deadsea.com
We look forward to taking you on an unforgettable tour!
Bow & Arrow

The bow and arrow is as ancient weapon as there is. Hear about its history in Tanach and then earn how to shoot. Once you are a pro we enjoy a number of competitions and fun games.

Sword Skills

Discover swords through Tanach and Jewish history. You will see a collection of ancient swords. Then we will learn basic sword skills and finally we will duel!


The Judean Desert is full of great rappelling cliffs from Qumran to Rahaf and more. Each trip includes hiking and at least 3 rappels. Some include jeeping. Challenge yourself to scale the desert cliffs!

Kayaking or Boating

Discover the Dead Sea from the inside. See incredible salt formations, layered cliffs, diamond nuggets, dead sea mud and more. Mostly you will enjoy a peaceful ride on a unique sea!

Pita Making

Make Pita the way the Bedouins do it in the desert. Kneed your dough, start your fire and off you go. We will add everythinbg you need to round out a delicious and fun lunch break

Camel Riding

Experience a ride on a camel in the desert. Get ready for lift-off and landing. We hope you arent scare of heights!

Tanach Sites

Watch Yericho tumble before your eyes. See where Bnei Yisroel crossed the Yarden. Stand where Shaul was coronated King , Agag was executed, Eliyahu ascended in a flame of fire, and more.

Darbuka and more

Beat the beat of the desert. We will make a drum circle with other anceint instruments as well. We will all beat together in a great and fun group activity!

The Judean Desert
explore new adventures!
off the beaten path