Gush Etzion ATV

Enjoy a breathtaking historic ATV tour through the Jewish Heartland of Gush Etzion. Not only is ATV Gush Etzion beautiful with mountain views and rolling vineyards but you will see history like never before. Walk on the path of the forefathers past Roman Milestones, visit an ancient Mikva and understand Israel's geopolitics from an insider perspective.

The ride is thrilling and the tour guides have contagious enthusiasm. Ever see kids get hooked on history? Take them on the Gush ATV tour and watch them connect to their homeland like never before. Almost 100% guaranteed!

Gush ATV is a great acvtivity when spending the day in te Gush. Other great activities that you won't want to miss are Caliber 3, Zipline, Wood Workshop and more. We can plan and book you entire Gush Day trip with one phone call.

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