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Judean Desert ATV Adventure
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Judean Desert ATV Tours

Yes it is true! Benzi from Benzi jeeping now has ATV's as well. With Benzi ATV tours in the Judean Desert you will get an authentic experience. Benzi will give you the best ride out there as his knowledge of the terrain is unparalleled! He will also give you a real historic perspective to add a great dimension to your thrilling ride! Benzi has always been #1 in jeeping the Judean Desert and now he has quickly become the leader in ATVing in the Judean Desert as well.

Benzi's ATV tour gives you experience the incredible desert mountains of the Judean Desert with an experience you won't find anywhere on planet earth. Fly through the desert, rumble up the mountains, traverse the majestic passes and be blown away!

Book early as slots are limited and this is an experience you don't want to miss!

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