zavitan hexagon pools
Beautiful Golan Heights
only a jeep can uncover its hidden secrets

Jeeping in the Golan Heights is not only beautiful, but offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to combine incredible outdoor beauty and adrenaline adventure.

Do you know  why you need a Golan Heights jeep tour. The Golan Heights are one of Israel's most beautiful attractions. But most tourists are limited to the few easily accessible attractions like the Banias and others. This is only scratching the surface of the Golan's beauty. With an off-road jeep ride in the Golan you can get to the inner beauty hidden to most tourists.

Take a half day or full day Golan Jeep tours and you will enjoy rugged off-road fun while seeing the spectacular hidden spots like Nachal Zavitan in the Golan. You will stop to swim in paradise like canyons, hike just enough to enjoy. You can even rappel or enjoy a bungy swing off a bridge! Let's not forget about a zipline straight into the waters of the Jordan River.

For an Adventure of a Lifetime reserve your Golan Heights Jeep Tour!

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What You'll See & Do
  1. Incredible Vistas
  2. Lush Mountain terrain
  3. Rivers & Canyons
  4. History of the Region
  5. Swim in natural pools
  6. Hike through beautiful surroundings
Jeep Tour Options
  1. 3 hour
  2. 6 hour
  3. full day
Jeep Type Options
  1. Open Jeep
  2. Closed Jeep
  3. VIP Toyota Land Rover or Kia Sorrento
Additional Jeeping Activity Options
Bungy Swing

Bungy Swing

Fling yourself off a bridge with a bungy swing. Not for the faint of heart!


Challenge the desert cliffs as you rappel from gorgeous heights deep into the spectacular canyons.
Zipline into Water

Zipline into Water

Take a fun zipline where the end of the line is a splash into the Jordan River.
Jeep Drivers Options
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