Full Day Jeep Tours

These tours combine jeeping with touring for a complete full day adventure.

Binyamin Region Jeep Tour

Aside from great jeeping, you will visit little known ancient caves, visit modern and ancient wineries, experience historic Shilo, stand atop incredible lookouts, stop by refreshing natural springs, and more!

Jordan Valley Jeep Tour

Ride through the Judean Desert and Jordan Valley. Visit lookouts on the Gilboa and hear about the famous battle where King Shaul met his end. Jeep Har Tavor where Devorah and Barak defeated the powerful general Sisra. Enjoy the paradise of the Sachne. Hike through the waters of Nachal Kibbutzim. Visit the mountaintop Crusader fortress at Kochav HaYarden. Not enough? We can do even more!

Israel Army Jeep Adventure

Experience modern day Israel's birth, independence, and survival through some of the critical moments in its history. Popular stops on the jeep trip include the hilltop fortress on the Castel, Radar Hill, Burma Road, Latrun tank museum, Netiv 35, and Kfar Etzion memorial museum. The day will be a thrilling eye opener and you will come back a different person!

Taste of Israel Jeep Tours

These tours combine tours of neighboring regions into one great tour!

Jerusalem Hills & Lowlands

Lowlands & Gush Etzion

Gush Etzion & Judean Desert