Benzi Jeep Master!

Benzi is the most sought after Jeep driver in Midbar Yehuda. Benzi is synonymous with the desert. As one of the founding members of Mitzpe Yericho after the Six Day War, Benzi moved his family out to the

spectacular mountaintop overlooking the Dead Sea, the Judean Desert, and Yericho. Benzi has not looked back since.

Benzi and his jeep know every inch of the desert on the back of his hand. He is also well versed in Tanach and his love of Eretz Yisrael rubs off on all his riders. Benzi also knows how to have pure jeeping fun and he will take each group on the perfect route to make their adventure truly memorable. He knows how to push adventure seekers to the edge while delicately handling the jeep for those who want to enjoy jeeping without being on a roller coaster.

Benzi's jeeping expertise is not in anyway limited to Midbar Yehuda. Benzi does jeep rides throughout the country from north to south. Many families come to Israel each year and don't miss out on a Benzi Jeep ride. It is an annual rite that they wouldn't miss, and they are always amazed with each new ride!

     Benzi's Jeep Tours

  • Midbar Yehuda

  • Starts in Mitzpe Yericho

  • 25 minutes from Jerusalem

  • 1, 2, 4 hour or full day tours

  • Covered or Open Jeeps

  • 7 or 8 passengers per jeep

  • ATV adventures!


To reserve a ride with Benzi fill out form or call US 516-690-6106
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