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Judean Lowlands Jeeping
where Biblical history comes to life
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Jeeping in the Judean Lowlands near Beit Shemesh will take you in the footsteps of exciting Biblical history!

The Beit Shemesh Judean Lowlands Jeep tour is situated just south of the city of Beit Shemesh The Judean Lowlands are the heartland of the ancient Jewish settlement when the first came to Israel. The lowlands are fertile rolling hills which formed the battlefield for many ancient wars. On your jeep tour you will follow the footsteps of Dovid HaMelech and climb to the top of the incredible  ruins of Khirbet Queyafa as well as Tel Azeka and Socho and relive the battle of David and Goliath right where it took place. You will visit the cave at Adulam where Dovid hid from Shaul. You will also visit many other beautiful biblical sites and here the stories right where they unfolded.

On the Judean lowlands jeep tour you can visit hidden caves and tunnels below ancient cities and hear about the revolt against the Romans and the famous rebel leader Bar Kochba. You will walk the steps of Shimshon, Yehuda, and others. You will hide in the cave where David hid from Saul who was hunting him down. If you ever wanted to relive the past, the Judean Lowlands are the place, and the jeep tour is your vehicle.

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Crawl through an ancient escape tunnel. The Romans may be coming!


rappel down cliffs like a pro!
Farm Visit

Farm Visit

Visit a relic of the past on Amir's real life ancient Farm

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