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Dead Sea Jeep tour brings the dead back to life in vivid color!

If you are enjoying a stay at one of the Dead Sea hotels in Ein Bokek and you are looking for a fun and exciting activity, look no further. A Dead Sea jeep tour will pcik you up at your doorstep and take you for an amazing ride in the nearby Mount Sodom. Said by some to be the ruins of the ancient city of Sodom, Har Sodom is made up 80% of salt and capped by limestone which keeps it stable! Mount Sodom actually rises every year!
One of the spectacular highlights of Mount Sodom is Nahal Perazim which is a canyon hidden inside of the mountain. Formed by a river that runs through it, which has since dried, Nahal Perazin offer an easy hike and is a feast for the eyes. It is the home of the famous flour caves. You will also see a figure jutting out of the side of the cliff said to be the the salt pillar that Lot's wife turned into as a punishment for turning around and watching the destruction of Sodom. Bring your cameras and get ready to shoot, because on the Dead Sea Jeep tour you won't stop taking pictures!

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