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Jeeping in the Judean Desert also called Midbar Yehudah is one of the most exciting adventures in Israel and on everyone’s must do list.

Jeep tours in the city?!? Yes, Kind of. Step out of the sprawling modern city of Jerusalem and within minutes you will find yourself in the barren Judean desert. Wind your way down highway 1 as you rapidly descend towards the Dead Sea and the lowest place on earth. On your side you will see mysterious mountains will Bedouin encampments. What secrets are those rugged cliffs hiding? Take a jeep tour into those mountains and see and hear first hand how Israel's ancient and current past played itself out in the Judean Desert!

Our superstar Jeep drivers know every inch of the Judean Desert on the back of their hand. They know every peak and every valley, and every rock and every Bedouin that makes the desert his home. You will traverse some incredibly rugged terrain and be treated to spectacular natural sites. You'll also get out of the jeep and enjoy the desert atmosphere taking in breathtaking views of the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley. All the while hearing about our incredible Jewish History in this unforgettable wilderness!

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Get jeep rides from the best in Midbar Yehuda including Benzi, Yedidya and others.

See & Hear
  1. Incredible Vistas
  2. Desert Terrain
  3. Life in the Desert
  4. History of the Region
  5. Biblical Stories
  6. Mount Azazel
  7. Bedouins
Jeep Tour Options
  1. 1 hour
  2. 2 hour
  3. 4 hour
  4. full day
1 or 2 hour tours meeting point is 25 minutes outside of Jerusalem. For 4 hours or full day tour, customer can be picked up from their location.

Jeep Tour Details
Israel's most Exciting New Adventure!
Tanach Warrior Boot Camp
You can be dropped off at our secret boot camp location by the jeep driver
perfect for all ages!