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Gush Etzion Vistas
an oasis of beauty and history

Jeeping in Gush Etzion will leave you awed by its beauty and inspired by its incredible history!

When you take a jeep tour in Gush Etzion you will see for yourself that “the Gush is as rich in history as it is beautiful. Its beauty has been rejuvenated over the past 50 years. The barren land has been turned into a paradise of vineyards, almond trees and much more.

On the jeep tour you will actually see the path our forefathers took to fulfill their dreams and aspirations in the Holy city of Jerusalem. Starting with Avraham all the way through the temple era. You will see actual Roman mile markers, ritual bath houses, wine press, and even an ancient aqueduct.

Fast forward to the 20th century and learn about the bravery of the early pioneers and the price they paid. Learn about the next generation whose hearts never left their beloved homes and eventually returned to the Gush.

You will jeep through mountains blossoming with their terraced plantings. You will see natural springs as the water burst forth from within the mountainsides. On the Gush Etzion Jeep tour you will things that will capture your imagination and remain vivid in your mind’s eye for years to come!

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